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Hire JI For a day

Have you had previous brow, lip or eyeliner training but feel like you didn’t learn enough?
Do you feel like you need more hands-on learning to get your technique down properly?
Has it been awhile since you’ve taken training and want to polish your technique again?
Then this program is for you!



Working with you closely, Ji will find out exactly what you are currently struggling with.
  • Do you have trouble with mapping/shaping?

  • Incorrect pressure and needle depth causing bleeding, swelling, trauma and result in poor retention?

  • Difficulty choosing pigments according to skin undertone?

  • Struggling with total time spend on each procedure? (2.5+ hour per appointment?)
Once Ji determines what you’re struggling with, she will then work with you on correcting the technique, share knowledge, tips and tricks.


A LIVE MODEL will come in so you can apply what you’ve learned on real skin.
Ji will guide you through your technique from start from finish – 1:1 undivided attention.

Our goal is for you to walk away from this training session completely confident in your skills and knowledge and ready to take on paid clients!


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