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Lip Blush/Dark Lip Neutralization

Lip Blush is a form of semi permanent make-up tattooing where pigments are deposited into the skin using a needle and tattoo machine. The results are like a lip stain, allowing you to skip lipstick everyday. Unlike traditional tattoos that will last forever, lip blushing will last 2-5 years without a touchup and will fade in time. Retention depends on if you smoke, sun exposure, lip exfoliating cycle, and your lifestyle.
Dark Lip Neutralizations are for those who have melanin rich pigmentation and is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that works by canceling out those cool blue/purple tones of your lips and turns hyper-pigmented lips into a nude pink tone, creating a natural and even lip colour.

Lip Blush/Dark Lip Neutralization is the perfect solution if you:

  • Have naturally pale or dark lips
  • Want a more balanced lip tone
  • Are tired of re-apply your lip products throughout the day
  • Desire a more defined and symmetric lip shape
  • Want a more youthful appearance
  • Want the appearance of fuller lips with or without fillers

You are not a good candidate for PMU if you:

  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Are on Accutane any time in the past year
  • Are on blood thinners or certain antibiotics 
  • Had a facial chemical peel, laser resurfacing or severe sunburn in the past 2 months
  • Had botox done to your treatment area in the last 4 weeks
  • Are prone to keloid scarring

Why do our clients love this procedure?

  • Evens out lip tone
  • Last 2-5 years
  • Defines your lip shape, creating a more symmetric and full lip
  • Custom color choices for every client
  • Looks AMAZING with lip fillers
  • Say goodbye to re-applying lip products throughout the day
  • No more smudging lipsticks/lipgloss

Frequently Asked Questions

  • No. We use primary numbing cream prior to starting the procedure and once the skin is open we use secondary numbing throughout the entire procedure. Our clients say the discomfort level is none to very minimal
  • We will always make sure you are completely comfortable throughout the entire procedure

Every client is different, it depends on how melanin-rich your lips are and what your end goal is. It can take anywhere from 1 to 5 sessions. Contact us for a free virtual consultation!

  • Typically pale lip clients are very happy with Lip Blush results for 1-2 years without a touch up. Dark Lip Neutralization clients on the other hand, like to come in once every 8 weeks until they achieve the desired colour. Some clients are very satisfied after 1 session and some saturated dark lip clients are happy after 3. This depends on your lip goals and how bright/saturated you want the color to be.
  • Our touch ups are priced in tiers depending on when you last came in
  • Yes, lip fillers + lip tattoos look AMAZING together and we love to do it!
  • We recommend you get lip fillers first, then wait a minimum of 4 weeks before getting a lip tattoo
  • Day 1-2: during the first 4 days of healing beginning immediately after your tattoo, you may experience the following symptoms: slight swelling, tenderness, flaking, mild itchiness, dryness.
  • Day 3-5: light flaking/peeling of the skin on the lips will begin. DO NOT PICK, PEEL OR RUB your lips as this may prematurely remove color which will cause your lips to heal unevenly. Allow the color to flake away by itself. During this time your lips may look patchy and uneven, but don’t be alarmed – it is part of the process.
  • During healing: do not expose your lips to direct sunlight, tanning treatments, jacuzzis, saunas, saltwater, chlorinated pools, or direct shower spray. Do not bleach, wax, perform electrolysis or laser hair removal treatments close to your lips. Do not use lip-plumping products. Do not receive lip filler/enhancements for the first 30 days.
  • Once the peeling is done, you can go back to your regular routine.

Important notes:

If you experience cold sores, this means you are a virus carrier (even if you never had an outbreak before.) Please visit a walk-in clinic to get a prescription. It will generally begin on day 3 of the healing process. This is NOT caused by your tattoo or your artist. Herpes lies dormant in the nervous system forever and can reappear if you are exposed to trauma.