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You're certified, now what?

I can help you build a personal beauty brand, be seen and get booked.

Hi, I'm Ji!

I help solo beauty-preneurs to finally hit that 5 figure month just by booking appointments by yourself through an active sales system, levelling up your online presence & marketing strategy. I’m a corporate escapee to a 6 figure entrepreneur with a team of 5 within 12 months.

I would say about a month or two after getting certified, that's when it really starts hitting artists...

That vicious cycle of “I have nothing to post because I don’t have a model and I don’t have any new clients because I have nothing to showcase” … I’ve been there. This is the exact same problem that a new grad faces “I can’t find a job because I have no experience and I have no experience because no one hires me” (I actually have been both!)
You’ve worked hard to master your artistry and you have passion for the beauty industry, but the journey doesn’t end here, it actually starts now and it’s so important for you to master sales and marketing strategy so you can survive in this saturated market. I guarantee you have at least 1 person you know who offers the same service as you do, am I right?!
I created this 1:1 mentorship program to help solo artists like you to build a personal beauty brand and grow your business with intentional sales and marketing strategies that I use on a daily basis for my studio and academy. I help students to reach 5 figure months as a solo artist just by appointments, without product sales or trainings.

I know exactly what you are struggling with because I’ve been in your shoes. Running a business without a solid social media sales and marketing strategy is simply impossible in 2021! (please don’t tell me you’re handing out “business cards”)

Take Action!

Wish Marketing DOES NOT work!

If you are a solo artist who is suffering with finding new clients and overwhelmed with your social media marketing, I am here to hold your hand through an intensive 12 weeks of 1:1 support and accountability so that you can build your personal beauty brand, grow your business and turn your followers into clients!


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