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Are you constantly wondering why your posts aren’t getting any engagement and CONVERTING INTO BOOKINGS?
Are you struggling with thinking up content ideas?
Do you only post Before & After photos like everybody else? (and get price-shopped all the time?)
Growing 100 followers seems like months of work to you?
Are you still doing follow-for-follows?
(THE WORST way to optimize the algorithm for your business)
It’s time to RE$ET YOUR GRAM!

If you said YES to any of the above, keep reading 👇

Imagine waking up to:

💜 Overflowing DMs inquiring about your services 
 💜 Being booked out every month
 💜 Finally hitting that 5 figure month goal as a solo artist! 

I was obsessed with posting Before & After photos and offering discounts to attract clients but also constantly stressed over not having enough Before & After photos because there wasn’t enough new clients coming in.

I was stuck at 300 followers with a passive booking system because I was not being proactive with my social media marketing. I just “wished” someone would find me, like my work and book with me (magically). I created this workshop because I spent over 3 years not knowing anything about Instagram sales and marketing!

This ‘Re$et Your Gram’ workshop will show you the ins and outs of marketing your business on Instagram. You will MASTER new marketing skills and you will INCREASE your ENGAGEMENT and BOOKINGS! I’ll share everything I learned that helped me grow 15x in only 1 year and went from $700-3000 month to 5 figure in just 4 months of intense focus and hard work as a SOLO ARTIST!

At the end of this Workshop, you will understand:

* How insights and the algorithm ACTUALLY WORKS!
* How to find potential clients through Instagram
* The types of content you must rotate (STOP OFFERING PROMOS AND BEFORE&AFTER PICS!!)
* MUST-USE Instagram business features 
* How to use Instagram to increase your business profit
…. and more!

Follower numbers don’t mean anything if you don’t know how to convert them into paying clients! (PERIOD-T)

I’ve done all the hard work for you through constant learning and trial & error, all you have to do is join me during my social media marketing workshop ‘Re$et Your Gram’ and implement your newfound knowledge to grow your Instagram to the next level! 

Learn to level up your social media business with me!

Are you ready to RE$ET YOUR GRAM?!


Do you want to run Instagram successfully for your business?
Are you ready to take on overflowing DMs inquiring about your services?
Then this course is for you!